Bridge Patient Portal December Product Updates

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In November, the Bridge team worked on making enhancements to the patient portal in order to make deployment and configuration of the application faster and easier for new users.

This month, we released the following new features and improvements for current users:

Updated Homepage Layout

The portal homepage was updated for patients to include an overview of the user’s Care Plans and latest health summaries. The home screen also features a news feed with the latest news updates from the hospital or practice.

Bridge Patient Portal Home

Implemented Quick User Search

A search bar was added in the patient portal header, allowing admin users to easily search for doctors and registered patients.

Bridge User Search

Added Location Assignments for Appointments and Doctors

Admin users have the ability to add locations for different facilities. Providers can be assigned to those locations based on the days of the week that they are available there. If available, this information will be shown to patients on the appointment request screen.

Bridge Patient Portal Locations

Created Easy Online Patient Appointments

Submitting an appointment request has been made simpler and is easier for patients to understand. Not only can the patient select their doctor and a preferred location, but they can also select scheduling preferences based on available dates and times.

Bridge Appointment Requests

Created Help Desk for Admin Users

A new Help Desk feature was added for administrator users, allowing the admin to easily report technical errors and submit ideas for improvements to Bridge. A customer support representative will respond to all Help Desk requests as quickly as possible.

Bridge Portal Help Desk

Enhanced Notification Settings

From the admin panel, you can now customize the types of notifications that patients, doctors and other portal users receive. For each notification type, the admin can choose whether to send users an email, SMS notification or in-portal message.

Bridge Patient Portal Notifications

Simplified Refill Request Process

Patients can now request medication refills directly from the Medications section in the Medical Records portion of the patient portal, or by clicking on Prescriptions in the left sidebar.

Bridge Refill Requests

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