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Bridge over riverMany of the today’s leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) organizations, such as Greenway Health™, are challenged to provide a patient-centric, user friendly experience for their patient portal users. This is especially true when the EHR is being used as part of an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) which uses multiple EHRs. The primary issues we have identified in this scenario include:

EHR-Bundled Patient PortalsBridge Patient Portal
Unable to provide a single patient portal that meets the needs of customers from the disparate EHRs.Bridge offers an EHR-agnostic patient portal with the ability to serve data from multiple, sources (including multiple EHR’s).
No mobile app or app is branded to EHR company (ie. Epic MyChart® or FollowMyHealth®).Bridge has developed a unparalleled mobile app that is branded to the client and made available in the Apple Store and Google Play store under the client’s name and brand at Universe.
Lack of native Chronic Care Management Software.Bridge has native CCM software designed to interface with multiple EHRs, allowing you to update care plans used in CCM services across all your practice’s systems.

Interface Capabilities

In addition to providing a solution to the issues listed above, Bridge Patient Portal improves interoperability by enabling you to share data with disparate clinical and financial systems, providing interfaces when and where you need them. Below is a list of our current capabilities with Greenway Health™:

  • Patient Self Registration
  • Bidirectional Self-Scheduling
  • Unidirectional C-CDA

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