Bridge’s HIPAA Compliant Scheduling Solution

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Get your patients actively involved in their healthcare experience with Bridge’s HIPAA compliant scheduling solution.

Bridge’s Scheduling Solution

Bridge offers a HIPAA compliant scheduling solution that ensures a patient can work their way through proper screening and select from conflict-free times. This patient appointment scheduler was built to easily handle complex scheduling decision trees that are adaptable to any provider group and the unique schedules of their providers.

This feature gives patients more control over their healthcare experience, delivering self-service tools that patients have become accustomed to in other industries (ie. travel, banking, retail, etc.).

Access to the scheduling feature is available both via the secure patient portal or Bridge’s mobile app – available in iOS and Android.

Bridge’s scheduling solution allows patients to complete a full scheduling workflow and book appointments in real time.

HIPAA Compliant Scheduling, Security, and Privacy

Along with HIPAA compliant appointment scheduling, Bridge offers a number of important HIPAA compliant patient engagement tools such as HIPAA compliant messaging, HIPAA compliant appointment reminders, bill pay features, and a patient portal app.

Patients can receive appointment reminders via email in order to help them manage their time.

In order to understand why HIPAA compliance is so important when it comes to all of these features, we must remember the importance of patient privacy. Healthcare providers in the U.S. must comply with HIPAA regulations, which were designed to provide privacy standards in order to protect patients’ medical records and other health information. These regulations extend to all types of healthcare technologies that doctors might use to store and manage patient information. Although there is no definitive HIPAA certification for any organization, IT companies can be HIPAA-compliant. This means that they adhere to HIPAA regulations and take the necessary steps to ensure their products effectively protect sensitive patient information.

Bridge has a long history in helping healthcare organizations meet and understand HIPAA guidelines.

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Do you need additional information on HIPAA compliance? If so, feel free to contact a Bridge representative today.


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