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Your complete patient engagement platform
Bridge the gap between patient expectations and provider operations

Bridge the gap between patient expectations and provider operations

Patients want modern tools that allow for greater control over their health. Bridge unifies the care journey and offers patients the type of flexibility and convenience they’ve never experienced in healthcare before.

A truly
patient-centered experience

Automate and orchestrate the care journey from pre to post-visit using one platform. Bridge allows you to create coordinated and seamless transitions through each stage of the patient journey - significantly improving the patient experience.

A truly patient-centered experience
A truly patient-centered experience

Safe, secure & easy to deploy

Bridge is an innovator in patient engagement technology

Connect multiple EHRs

Share with your patients the siloed EHR data they've always wanted to access. Bridge's advanced interface capabilities opens up new opportunities for patient engagement. Seamlessly integrate your organization's existing source systems - including one or multiple EHR, PM, and RCM solutions.

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Consolidate piecemealed patient engagement solutions

Bridge enables providers to get rid of fragmented tools, which are expensive to maintain, difficult to manage, and create a disjointed experience for patients. Engage patients across their entire health journey from booking an appointment to refilling their prescription using one platform.

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Unlock the digital front door

With our industry-leading digital front door solution, you can leverage an omnichannel communications strategy that includes a patient portal, mobile app, telehealth, intake, and electronic reminders to engage patients across their care journey.

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Maximize your business results & reduce bottlenecks


In potential savings per month on licensing fees from consolidating solutions

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cross platform solution
A cross platform solution that consolidates all interactions with your customers into one.
Flexible pricing
Flexible pricing allows our product to adapt to your organization’s needs and ensures you only pay for what you need.
An average patient engagement increase
An average patient engagement increase of 40% over an 18-month period.

Bridge has installations across diverse healthcare systems nationwide.

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EHR Vendor Partners

Telehealth-based Practice

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