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Bridge Patient Portal Client Westmed Wins eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Patient Access & Convenience

Westmed Medical Group, a client of patient engagement software vendor Bridge Patient Portal, has been recognized by eHealthcare Leadership Awards for their healthcare patient portal and mobile app in the category of Best Patient Access & Convenience in a Medical Practice/Outpatient Facility.

Bridge Patient Portal, a healthcare patient portal and patient engagement software vendor, is announcing that their client Westmed Medical Group, a large New York-based multi-specialty group medical practice, has been presented with an eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Patient Access & Convenience in a Medical Practice/Outpatient Facility. This award recognizes web and mobile solutions that are both comprehensive and easy to use/access.

Westmed is known nationally as a highly innovative healthcare organization that leverages technology to deliver a premium level of patient care. In 2017, Westmed implemented Bridge’s patient engagement solution, comprised of a Westmed-branded patient portal and mobile app. “The goal was to provide a rich patient portal experience, then extend that same experience and functionality to a Westmed-branded patient portal mobile app,” explains John Deutsch, founder and CEO of Bridge Patient Portal. “Surprisingly, in healthcare, offering a consistent experience between a healthcare organization’s patient portal and mobile app is very uncommon. It is even less common for both solutions to be branded to the healthcare organization.”

The Bridge patient engagement solution works and interfaces with most Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management softwares. In the case of Westmed, Bridge integrated with the Centricity Business and EMR solutions that Westmed was already using.

The patient portal mobile app also offers additional features commonly found in healthcare mobile apps, such as provider search, location search, urgent care wait times, and news. Convenience is further boosted by self-service portal registration and username/password resets, thanks to Bridge’s two-factor, SMS-based authentication feature. The rich patient portal functionality found in the mobile app significantly increases the solution’s usage as a whole, which is only made possible by offering all of self-service patient portal functionality in a single mobile app.

The Bridge patient engagement for hospitals does far more than put medical records online for patients – it offers a wealth of features, including:

  • Personal health records (ie. labs, medications, conditions, and more)
  • Patient/provider/staff messaging
  • Appointment self-scheduling
  • Online bill pay
  • Custom, integrated patient forms
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Patient self-registration with two-factor authentication
  • Email, SMS and mobile push notifications/reminders
  • Marketing & recall messaging
  • Family/proxy accounts
  • Multilingual support
  • Provider search
  • Location search
  • Urgent care wait times
  • News

Users can download the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store here:



To learn more about Bridge Patient Portal’s patient engagement solutions, visit https://www.bridgepatientportal.com/.

About Bridge Patient Portal

Founded in 2012, Bridge Patient Portal is an enterprise patient portal and patient engagement for hospitals solution that provides a superior user experience for healthcare organizations and their patients. It is ideal for organizations seeking to replace their existing EHR software’s patient portal, connect disparate EHR environments with a single patient portal, and/or consolidate costly patient engagement tools with a single patient engagement solution. Bridge truly engages patients with automated electronic communication and meaningful, multi-platform access to health, financial, and appointment information. With Bridge’s all-in-one patient engagement solution, healthcare organizations can safely achieve greater levels of patient engagement.

About Westmed Medical Group

Westmed Medical Group is an award-winning multi-specialty medical practice, staffed by a team of 500 top physicians and advanced care providers, and 1,500 clinical employees, who are all dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive, lifelong care. The practice has 13 locations in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT, and is known for the convenience of its full-service medical facilities, and national reputation for measured healthcare excellence. Westmed has New York medical offices in White Plains, Rye, Yonkers, Purchase, Scarsdale, and New Rochelle, with Connecticut offices in Greenwich, Darien, Stamford and Norwalk.

Originally posted on PRNewswire: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bridge-patient-portal-client-westmed-wins-ehealthcare-leadership-award-for-best-patient-access–convenience-300774148.html 

Business Development Manager at Bridge Patient Portal. Passionate about helping healthcare businesses grow.

Three Best Practices for Patient Engagement Strategy Implementation

Adopting even the best patient portal software and mobile app can be a challenge for many medical practices, both in terms of getting staff on board with the new software and encouraging patients to use it. This is often the case, despite the fact that patients are increasingly demanding access to their healthcare online and that organizations can significantly benefit from the patient portal’s time-saving tools and features.

The good news is that successfully launching new patient engagement technology can be easy. It involves a patient engagement strategy that includes the right software, support from providers and staff, and an experienced implementation team. Here are three implementation tips to help you get started:

1. Communicate early on with staff about plans to implement a new technology.

Early communication with providers and staff about the decision to implement a patient portal or patient engagement mobile app will lead to a higher buy-in rate. It is important to provide as much information as possible about the technology and to be proactive in answering questions such as:

  • How will you integrate the technology with existing workflow?
  • What benefits will the technology provide on a day-to-day basis?
  • Will the technology create more work or alleviate tasks for the team?

The more confident your staff feels about the implementation of a new patient engagement technology, the more likely they are to accept it and to recommend it to patients.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities for overseeing specific aspects of the technology.

using a patient portalImplementing patient engagement technology will simplify many administrative tasks, but it is going to require making a few changes in order to handle some new responsibilities that stem from the software. For example, you will need to decide whether one person will be responsible for responding to medication refill requests or whether this task will be split among several users. The same goes for appointment requests and patient messages. Assigning these roles early on and providing ample training will help eliminate confusion.

3. Start a campaign to encourage patient adoption of the new technology.

Whether you want patients to use the technology to attest for MACRA or simply to help improve treatment outcomes, the first way to increase patient portal adoption is to raise awareness. A general campaign targeting your entire patient base is only a good idea if you have the staff resources, as you may get a lot of questions initially while patients learn to navigate the new system.

Another option is to start by promoting the portal or mobile app to a specific set of patients only – for example, those with a chronic disease. You can assign a care coordinator to help these patients find their way around the new technology, including the features that will benefit them and their condition most. You can also send emails to patients who opt-in, highlighting important features.  By following these guidelines, you can be assured successful implementation of new patient engagement technology.

Is your practice doing all it can to increase patient engagement? Contact us to find out how a patient portal or patient engagement mobile app can help.

Business Development Manager at Bridge Patient Portal. Passionate about helping healthcare businesses grow.