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How to Keep Your Doctor-Patient Relationship Healthy with Technology

Although healthcare IT has transformed over the years, patients have held the same expectation: to be in the care a personable doctor who will communicate effectively and make health decisions that are in the patient’s best interest. However, doctors have constantly struggled to navigate the boundaries of a patient-doctor relationship and the use of new technology unfortunately could potentially complicate the issue. Below we discuss the Do’s and Don’t’s of doctor-patient interactions on online platforms. (more…)

3 Ways Technology Can Increase Patient Engagement

Last week in the article “The Patient Engagement Question”, we discussed the ambiguity surrounding “patient engagement.” Many medical professionals generally agree that the term refers to an increase in patient participation, cooperation, and collaboration in their healthcare. Today, anyone following the latest healthcare IT trends can recognize the importance of employing technology to encourage patients to take a more active role in their health.

Here are three ways practices can use technology to increase patient engagement levels:


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