Every Medical Appointment Needs HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminders

Patient no shows are more than just an inconvenience or annoyance. They result in the loss of revenue, increased operational expenses, and more burden on office staff. Not to mention that when a patient doesn’t show up on time, it also affects people who could have been seen instead of that patient. Bridge’s appointment reminder solution aims to alleviate this by giving provider groups the ability to cost-effectively deliver customizable appointment reminder messages to large patient populations, from real-time calendar data. Appointment reminders can be sent via email, SMS text, and/or push notification for appointments made both inside and outside of Bridge’s patient portal, even for patients that haven’t registered for a patient portal account.

The big problem with traditional appointment reminder software solutions is the management of patients that opt out of them. When disparate patient communication tools are used, each must have their own opt-in/out administration panel, policy and agreements. This becomes impossible to manage and therefore most organizations are out of compliance. By centralizing a patient opt-in/out preferences in a single system, you become more compliant, avoid the over-sending of messages and can take greater advantage of these communication tools.

Mobile-Ready Solution

With Bridge, patients can receive appointment reminders in real-time on any mobile device. Patients can receive notifications via email, SMS or as an in-portal message. If a patient has the mobile app they are able to receive appointment reminders via push notifications on their mobile device.

Setting Bridge Apart from the Competition

Many of today’s industry-leading patient self-scheduling solutions were built to handle the scheduling of routine office visits. They are not well equipped to handle the scheduling of multi-disciplinary, non-routine visits that require the advanced decision trees and complex logic that goes with the scheduling of those appointments (clinical questions, insurance clearance, physician clearance). Bridge’s solution is a rules-based, enterprise-wide scheduling solution that ensures a patient can work their way through the proper clinical screening and select from conflict-free times. The solution was built to easily handle complex scheduling decision trees that are adaptable to any provider group and the unique schedules of their providers. Scheduling 100% of visits online in most cases is impossible, but getting to a 80+ percent rate is a goal we strive for. For appointments we can’t schedule, we simply defer the user to a specially designed request form which is sent to a tasking center or to call a number.

Interface Functionality

Through deep integrations into many of the industry’s leading EHR/PM systems Bridge is able to send HIPAA compliant messaging appointment reminders using real-time appointment data. Bridge’s system uses known patient preferences to notify the patient of the appointment on their preferred platform (Email, SMS, In-Portal, Push Notification Via Mobile App) and in their preferred language.

Features and Benefits

Customizable MessagesTake advantage of mail merges to mass mail customized messages to patient population.
English/SpanishAll messages available in English/Spanish.
HIPAA-CompliantSolution is completely HIPAA compliant.
Push Notification CapabilitiesSend push notifications to patients phone via the mobile app.
EHR/PM System IntegratedAppointment data is coming right from the EHR/PM System(s).
Custom Triggered NotificationsTrigger specific notifications for different types of appointments.


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