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Provide easy and convenient payment options with our industry-leading patient bill pay portal and revenue cycle management solutions.

Securely connect to your RCM system to allow patients to see their financial snapshot in real-time, pay their bill in compliance with PCI, and have payments automatically updated in your system. Improve collection by enabling patients to pay their bills 24/7 based on their real-time financial information. Patients can pay on your website, in our patient bill pay portal, or client-branded mobile app. Choose from a variety of payment gateway vendors, ensuring a smooth transition from your existing patient bill pay solution and a better patient bill pay experience.

Most patients say they want to pay their clinician offices using electronic tools but few even make online healthcare payments.

Increase your collections with smarter patient bill pay software

70% of providers say it takes about a month to receive payment from patients. Collect on time by giving patients convenient payment options. Allow them to pay outside of normal business hours and before appointments. Send automated notifications when payments are coming due via email, SMS text, and or push notifications, vs. sending a statement at the end of the month. Payment plans are also supported in Bridge, giving patients more options and therefore, improving collections.

Don’t pay unnecessary fees

How much money are you being charged for patient payments? Healthcare organizations often pay a significantly higher percentage for processing payments by credit card not with Bridge.

Ease staff workload

Eliminate the need for staff to manually post payments back into your PM/RCM system with our patient online payments software that updates your source system in real-time.

Provide a seamless payment experience

Online bill pay is dominated by credit card processing companies that force patients to leave your website or portal and type in their invoice number, along with other details. Many healthcare organizations use multiple patient engagement solutions that require patients to manage several different logins--creating a disconnected experience across multiple branded touchpoints. With Bridge, you can integrate online bill pay into our patient portal to easily link invoices and payments to each patient for a seamless experience.

Remain flexible and compliant

Consolidate payment portals into one patient bill pay portal backed by a single payment gateway of your choice. Minimize security and compliance risks associated with handling credit card information both in the office and in antiquated, non-PCI compliant patient portal technologies.

Give patients the full picture

Provide full transparency by letting patients view their payment history, remaining balances, and individual line items through a secure online patient payment solution. Allow patients to not only pay their bills, but book appointments, view their lab results, message their provider, and much more, all on the same platform.

Seamless EHR/PM Integrations

EHR Agnostic

Bridge currently interfaces with many EHR, PM, or RCM systems and can work with any HL7 or API enabled system.

Learn more about our HL7, FHIR, and API-based interface capabilities

A patient engagement platform for the future of healthcare

Certified patient portal

Secure, 2015 Edition ONC certified, HIPAA compliant and mobile-ready patient portal software.

Easy-to-use platform

A truly intuitive operating system to increase usage and patient satisfaction.

Custom workflows enabled

We support unique requirements and complex workflows.

Client-branded mobile app

Improve patient engagement with a published and branded mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

All-in-one patient engagement solution

A single, comprehensive solution for all your patient engagement needs.

Award-winning software

Bridge is trusted and recognized as an industry-leading vendor.


How are patients notified of a new invoice?

Bridge’s notification engine can alert patients of a new invoice via email, SMS/text, and via mobile push notification.

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Can Bridge check for insurance eligibility and provide service estimations?

Yes, Bridge works with a real-time EDI service for insurance eligibility and service estimations. This is typically checked during the patient intake/web-check-in process.

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Can patient payments be posted back into the source Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Practice Management (PM) system?

Yes, assuming the RCM/PM system supports interfaces for receiving such information or supports the uploading of batch files for patient payments.

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Can Bridge limit patient functionality based on overdue balances?

Bridge has the ability to restrict patient functionality based on a number of factors. For instance, if the source were to change the patient status to fired or in collections, Bridge could block or limit access.

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Can patients pay multiple invoices at once?

Yes, patients have the ability to select multiple invoices (via a checkbox) and pay for all the selected invoices in one transaction.

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Does Bridge have a preferred merchant/payment gateway?

Bridge has a few preferred payment gateways, but clients have the ability to choose the merchant/gateway of their choice. Bridge can aid in the vendor selection process if needed. Bridge has partnerships with merchants to support the use of contactless payment terminals for collecting in-office payments.

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Does Bridge support payment plans?

Bridge supports payment plans. Nevertheless, a lot depends on the payment gateway that the client is using for payments.

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