Patient Intake Software

patient intake solution

The industry’s leading patient intake software for end-to-end patient scheduling, registration, check-in, payments and consent form automation.

Adapting to modern times and providing a safe and efficient intake process is essential. With Bridge, you can establish customized patient intake processes tailored to your organization and allow patients to complete forms for new enrollment, clinical history, consent, and insurance/billing before coming into the office, or at the time of check-in. Using a bidirectional interface, Bridge pulls information on the patient’s file to autofill forms, while new data entered is sent back to the EHR or PM solution’s discrete data fields.

patient intake solution

Patient Intake Features

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Improve efficiency & increase data accuracy

Remove unnecessary reliance on staff by digitizing the entire intake process, reducing time spent managing forms, deciphering illegible handwriting, and manually entering information.

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Increase patient convenience & retention

Give patients the freedom to fill out forms where they want, and when they want, on the device of their choice, including their own mobile device. Populate forms with existing information for each patient so the same details don’t need to be entered over and over again (a common shortcoming of our competitors). Present patients with a step-by-step, guided experience through Bridge’s easy-to-use HIPAA compliant patient intake solution.

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Streamline patient payments

Collect open balance and copay payments in the intake solution. Payments are posted back into the PM/RCM, and front-desk are notified of the completed payment. Payments are made with Bridge’s PCI-compliant payment solution. Balance due amounts are pulled from the PM/RCM and copays calculated in real-time with Bridge’s insurance eligibility/estimation service.

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Integrate with your EHR/PM system in real time

Fully unite your source system(s) with the patient check-in software for a streamlined process. Once patients self-schedule their appointment, their information is fed through the system and triggers registration and intake processes for a smarter and more intuitive user experience.

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Fast-track to offering a virtual waiting room

Support the modern patient’s request to avoid touching clipboards, pens, and shared devices, and decrease risk to other patients by reducing (or even eliminating) unnecessary time spent in the office waiting room filling out forms with Bridge’s patient intake app.

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Avoid costly hardware with a platform-neutral intake solution

No need for costly kiosks and tablets (which the patients don’t want to use anyways) sold by the patient intake software vendor. Bridge’s intake solution is supported on any device with a web browser. Purchase your own tablets, kiosks, or desktops. You can also allow patients to complete the check-in process on their own mobile phone—generally considered the preferred option by patients.

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Leverage patient intake analytics

Get a better understanding of your intake process by monitoring factors like check-in volumes, devices used, and visit metrics to better optimize your workflows.

Seamless EHR/PM Integrations

EHR Agnostic

Bridge currently interfaces with many EHR, PM, or RCM systems and can work with any HL7 or API enabled system.

Learn more about our HL7, FHIR, and API-based interface capabilities

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A patient engagement platform for the future of healthcare

certified patient portal

Certified patient portal

Secure, 2015 Edition ONC certified, HIPAA-compliant and mobile-ready patient portal software.

branded mobile app

Client-branded mobile app

Improve patient engagement with a published and branded mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

easy to use platform

Easy-to-use platform

A truly intuitive operating system to increase usage and patient satisfaction.

all in one patient engagement

All-in-one patient engagement solution

A single, comprehensive solution for all your patient engagement needs.

Custom Workflow

Custom workflows enabled

We support unique requirements and complex workflows.

award winning software

Award-winning software

Bridge is trusted and recognized as an industry-leading vendor.