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Reduce errors and increase patient satisfaction with a customizable and easy-to-use prescription refill solution.

Automate the refill request workflow process by allowing patients to easily request prescription refills through Bridge’s patient portal via desktop or mobile app. Our prescription refill request software links to your EHR and confirms a patient’s current medications. Patients enter the required fields and can choose from delivery or pickup, and from a list of pharmacies based on EHR preference, location or other variables. A notification is then sent to the appropriate clinician or staff member for approval. Once approved, the patient can receive an email, SMS text, or push notification. Providers can additionally build customized refill request processes that are tailored to dynamic workflows. With prescription refill request software that connects to your EHR and confirms a patient’s medications in the patient portal, you can decrease errors.

The ability to refill prescriptions electronically is one of the most requested features in a patient portal and top reasons for usage.

More patient convenience & staff efficiency

Save your staff hours of work each day to support your practice in more valuable ways. Give patients the ability to request medication refills online from any device at any time with automated Rx refill request software. Boost patient satisfaction by reducing calls and decreasing the turnaround time to process requests.

Reduce errors

Decrease mistakes from manually processing requests. With prescription refill request software that connects to your EHR and confirms a patient’s medications in the patient portal, you can decrease errors

Better medication adherence

Research shows stronger medication adherence by making the request process patient-centered and easy-to-use. A prescription refill solution can improve your patient’s outcomes.

Seamless EHR/PM Integrations

EHR Agnostic

Bridge currently interfaces with many EHR, PM, or RCM systems and can work with any HL7 or API enabled system.

Learn more about our HL7, FHIR, and API-based interface capabilities

A patient engagement platform for the future of healthcare

Certified patient portal

Secure, 2015 Edition ONC certified, HIPAA compliant and mobile-ready patient portal software.

Easy-to-use platform

A truly intuitive operating system to increase usage and patient satisfaction.

Custom workflows enabled

We support unique requirements and complex workflows.

Client-branded mobile app

Improve patient engagement with a published and branded mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

All-in-one patient engagement solution

A single, comprehensive solution for all your patient engagement needs.

Award-winning software

Bridge is trusted and recognized as an industry-leading vendor.


Can patients request refills on all medication?

This is a configuration in the Bridge platform. More often than not, clients choose a configuration that only allows patients to request refills on active medication.

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How does a refill request go back into the source EHR system?

A prescription refill request goes back into the source system via a message, typically sent to the inbox in the EHR. However, other workflows could also be supported, such as routing the refill request to a tasking queue in the EHR or in Bridge’s tasking module.

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Can a preferred pharmacy be offered to patients when refills are requested?

Yes, clients have the ability to list their pharmacies first in the dropdown list. Alternatively, the solution could auto-populate the patient’s preferred pharmacy as defined by the source system.

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