Bridge has been a great asset for our website and community. Our patients love having the ability to look at their own results and to have some control over their healthcare information. We've heard nothing but praise thus far.


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Partnering with Bridge has allowed us to successfully deploy solutions that truly enhance patient care. The Bridge team are top-notch health IT professionals, and their expertise in HIPAA and Meaningful Use has provided us with invaluable guidance when developing compliant technology solutions for our customers.


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The platform and team for a better patient experience.

It's no secret that a better patient experience leads to more profitable patients. Bridge Patient Portal is the leading ONC 2014 Edition certified patient portal solution for health organizations seeking to improve profitability in today's challenging healthcare market. More than just patient portal software, we offer a coordinated, online patient communication platform and provide expert assistance to help you navigate your Health IT landscape, build better patient-provider relationships and achieve Meaningful Use. Paired with a certified EHR solution, Bridge can be used to meet 100% of Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 criteria.

We have a full range of completely customizable features - more than any other EHR-agnostic patient portal solution - and we can connect with multiple EHRs and PM systems simultaneously. Both as a company and a platform we are aligned to your patient engagement goals, and our industry-unique Pay-Per-Engaged-Patient (PPEP) pricing model proves it.

What makes Bridge tower over the rest?

  •  EHR agnostic patient portal, works with any EHR
  •  Better medication adherence and reconciliation
  •  Customizable patient care plans with notifications
  •  Online bill pay and financial management tools
  •  Automated patient marketing
  •  Mobile responsive design for tablets and smartphones
  •  Custom intake forms deposited to your EHR
  •  Patient surveys and patient-centered data reporting
  •  Website and marketing campaign integrated
  •  Email and video consultations

Is this you? We know you'll love Bridge.

Bridge delivers a coordinated patient communication platform and a full range of custom services to help healthcare organizations of all types engage their patient population, improve profitability and attest for Meaningful Use. Are you one of the following organizations? Contact Us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Practice or Hospital seeking a patient portal to meet MU and/or improve patient experience.


ACO, MSO or IPA seeking a patient portal to connect disparate systems and improve care.


Telemedicine business seeking a platform to securely deliver and bill for online patient care.


Software vendor seeking a patient portal platform to enhance their existing software solution.

The lowest cost of entry.The highest ROI.

Bridge Patient Portal offers three flexible deployment options with affordable pricing to help you achieve success - both in terms of meaningful use attestation and realizing an ROI from efficiency savings and improved patient experiences.

Our secure patient portal can be deployed on Bridge servers as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, as an SaaS application with our Pay-Per-Engaged-Patient (PPEP) pricing, or on the server of your choosing under our Client/Server model. Our revolutionary PPEP pricing model aligns Bridge with your healthcare organization to ensure your success. While most of our customers select the PPEP model, many deployments require the enhanced flexibility and fixed pricing of the Client/Server model.

Pay-Per-Engaged-Patient (PPEP)


Easy to deploy, SaaS application. Very low cost of entry, low maintenance, easy to scale. Includes expert marketing services to engage your patients. Hosting, support & maintenance included in monthly fee.
Starting at just $5/month

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


Easy to deploy, SaaS application. Low cost of entry, low maintenance, easy to scale. Pricing based on the number of registered patients in the database. Hosting, support & maintenance included in monthly fee.
Starting at $250/month

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Highly flexible, advanced customization option for client-managed hosting environment. Higher upfront cost, lower long term cost. Support, maintenance, hosting & marketing are optional add-ons.
Starting as low as $9,950

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The Bridge Patient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment offers our clients an excellent blend of low-cost and ease of installation/maintenance. Installed on Bridge's world-class servers, located in Virginia and California. SaaS pricing is based on the number of installed/registered patients in the database. An installed/registered patient is defined as the number of concurrent patients/users in the database at any given time.

Registered Patient LevelMonthly Pricing
1-500 registered patients$250per month
501-1,000registered patients$400per month
1,001-5,000registered patients$1,300per month
5,001-10,000registered patients$2,200per month
10,001-20,000registered patients$3,500per month
20,001-50,000registered patients$5,500per month
50,001-100,000registered patients$7,500per month

What Is Included?

  •  SaaS deployment application setup (up to 8 hours)
  •  Training (up to 8 hours)
  •  Client branding
  •  Support
  •  Maintenance
  •  Hosting

Bridge Patient Portal can be deployed on the server of your choosing using our Client/Server model. While most of our customers select the PPEP model, many deployments require the enhanced flexibility and fixed pricing of the Client/Server model. Pay just one initial fee for the license and setup, and have the flexibility of optional support and maintenance. Hosting and marketing services are also optional add-ons.

Provider LevelPatient LimitsOne-Time FeeMaintenance & Support (optional)
1-10providers9,000patients/users$9,950$295per month
11-25providers18,000patients/users$19,950$595per month
26-50providers30,000patients/users$29,950$895per month
51-100providers60,000patients/users$59,950$1,695per month
101-200providers120,000patients/users$89,950$2,495per month
201-400providers240,000patients/users$139,950$3,795per month
401-700providers420,000patients/users$199,950$5,195per month

What Is Included?

  •  Server and application setup (up to 8 hours)
  •  Training (up to 8 hours)
  •  Client branding

Interfaces allow providers to provide medical record information with their patients quickly and efficiently. Bridge Patient Portal can be fully interfaced with any EHR system, practice management software or lab. We work with Health Level Seven (HL7), Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Direct Project standards to develop secure uni-directional and bi-directional interfaces. Uni-directional interfaces allow data to flow one way, while bi-directional interfaces allow data to flow both ways. Interface setup pricing for our SaaS w/ PPEP, SaaS and Client/Server deployment models is different. We work with you to determine the best option for your organization.

Want your interface for free?

You might qualify for our InterfaceEasy program! Qualified clients are entitled to up to $14,400 in interface subsidization, covering development and license costs imposed by both Bridge and your EHR vendor. Contact us to learn more.

Looking for a bi-directional interface?

Please call us for pricing. It usually doesn't cost much more, but given the potential complexity we prefer to provide you with a custom quote.

SaaS w/ PPEP
Interface Pricing

One-time setup fee:FREE*

1-250engaged patients$150per month
251-1,000engaged patients$400 per month
1,001-5,000engaged patients$800 per month
5,001-10,000engaged patients$1,200 per month
10,001+engaged patients$1,500 per month
SaaS Deployment
Interface Pricing

One-time setup fee:$7,000

1-500registered patients$200per month
501-1,000registered patients$400per month
1,001-5,000registered patients$600per month
5,001-10,000registered patients$1,100per month
10,001-20,000registered patients$1,500per month
20,001-50,000registered patients$1,800per month
50,001-100,000registered patients$2,000per month
Interface Pricing

One-time setup fee:$7,000

1-10providers$200per month
11-25providers$400per month
26-50providers$600per month
51-100providers$1,100per month
101-200providers$1,500per month
201-400providers$1,800per month
401-700providers$2,000per month

*Bridge will build you a uni-directional interface for FREE, excluding any fees imposed by your EHR/PM software company. To be eligible for the FREE interface, you must commit in advance or have paid 6 consecutive months of PPEP fees at the 251-1,000 or greater engaged patient pricing level or have purchased the Client/Server deployment for the 11-25 providers or greater provider pricing level. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be required to pay a $5,000 fee which will be refunded to you over a 6 month period once you reach the 251+ engaged patient level.

Get paid for Meaningful Use.Free expert consulting.

Achieving Meaningful Use requires healthcare organizations not only to provide patients with access to a patient portal, but to get patients to use the technology as well. In order to meet your Meaningful Use goals as quickly as possible, receive incentive payments and improve profitability for your organization, it is necessary to have not just the right software, but an expert team on your side.

Bridge Patient Portal offers expert consulting services and results-driven healthcare marketing solutions to help you reach your patient population. We have an in-depth knowledge of Meaningful Use and can provide custom strategies to attest. Our software provides a gateway for getting patients engaged and interacting with their health information online.

Using Bridge Patient Portal alone, healthcare professionals can meet 45% of the base criteria for Meaningful Use Stage 2. Paired with a certified EHR solution, Bridge can be used to meet 100% of Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 criteria.


Bridge Patient Portal is 2014 Edition Certified

A 2014 Edition certified patient portal is an integral piece of the Stage 2 Meaningful Use attestation process. Bridge Patient Portal is 2014 Edition certified on 17 modular EHR criteria, making it an excellent choice for any healthcare practice or hospital to use in combination with their EHR software to receive federal incentive dollars.

Bridge Patient Portal was certified by ICSA Labs for 2014 Edition Module EHR/Ambulatory * ONC Health IT Certification which designates that the software is capable of supporting healthcare providers with Stage 1 and Stage 2 meaningful use measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). As of 10/3/2013, Bridge has certified on the highest number of criteria (17 modular EHR criteria) of any EHR-independent 3rd party patient portal solution. Bridge Patient Portal v1.XXXX, certification date: 10/3/2013, certification ID number: 130082R00 meets the following certification criteria: 170.314

  • (a) (3) Demographics
  • (a) (4) Vital Signs, Body Mass Index, and Growth Charts
  • (a) (5) Problem List
  • (a) (11) Smoking Status
  • (a) (13) Family Health History
  • (d) (1) Authentication, Access Control, and Authorization
  • (d) (2) Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance
  • (d) (3) Audit Report(s)
  • (d) (5) Automatic Log-off
  • (d) (6) Emergency Access
  • (d) (7) End-user Device Encryption
  • (d) (8) Integrity
  • (e) (1) View, Download, and Transmit to 3rd Party
  • (e) (3) Secure Messaging
  • (f) (1) Immunization Information
  • (g) (1) Automated Numerator Recording
  • (g) (4) Quality Management System

Keep Patients Informed, Engaged and Empowered

Bridge Patient Portal is designed to make it easy for healthcare organizations to achieve their Meaningful Use and patient engagement goals. Not only does our platform fulfill the requirements for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2, we also provide expert consulting to help providers attest, get paid and implement patient engagement strategies that work.

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