API Integration

Bridge API allows healthcare organizations to connect their portal with other third-party software systems or mobile apps – including EMR/EHR software, practice management systems, billing software, apps for patient use, reporting or analytics tools, and more.

The API is fully documented, making it easy for healthcare organizations to independently develop with the API. The following data can be accessed and edited via the API:

  • Appointments
  • Login
  • Meaningful Use reporting
  • Medical records
  • Messages
  • eConsultations
  • Billing & invoices
  • Care plans & care plan templates
  • Registration functions
  • Insurance
  • Contacts
  • Caregivers
  • Linked accounts
  • Relationship types
  • Forms
  • Health systems associated with user
  • Location data: countries, states, time zones

EHR-Bundled Portals Fall Short

Patient Portal’s from industry-leading EHRs repeatedly disappoint health organizations and their patients. Bridge offers a superior patient experience through its patient-centric design, mobile app and robust EHR interfaces. Offering patients a comprehensive view of their medical record, ability to make their own appointments, pay their bills and securely communicate with their care team. Learn about how Bridge does it better and what our customers have to say about us.


Can I interface Bridge to my Electronic Health Record (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Practice Management (PM) software?

Yes. Bridge’s enterprise patient portal can be interfaced with any Electronic Health Record (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Practice Management (PM) software system, even more than one simultaneously.

Bridge works with the most common healthcare interface industry standards, including Health Level Seven (HL7), Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Fast Health Information Resource (FHIR) via Bridge’s robust API. We can also build custom, non-standard interfaces designed for advanced integration between multiple systems where external compatibility support is not required.

No matter what your interface needs may be, Bridge can help you develop the perfect solution. In many cases, Bridge has already developed interfaces for your software system(s). Contact a Bridge representative to see if Bridge has an interface developed for your EHR or PM system.

To learn more about the Health Level Seven and Continuity of Care Documents please see: Understanding the Acronym Puzzle: What Health Professionals Need to Know About C-CDAs, CDAs, and CCDs

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Does Bridge offer a white-label patient portal?

Yes. Bridge offers a white-labeled version of our patient portal for organizations looking to displace their native EHR patient portal. The 2015 certified ONC patient portal is built using Angular.

For our EHR partner resellers we offer competitive wholesale pricing, as well as access to our fully documented API. HL7 interfaces are also supported with Bridge.

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