Empower Patients and Providers with the Next-Generation Patient Engagement Solution

In an industry where the term “patient engagement” is used to define everything from simple, piecemealed patient communication solutions to antiquated patient portals, Bridge is setting a new standard for patient engagement software companies. Offering a single, mobile-ready patient engagement solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, and bill pay. Bridge is available as a client-branded web application as well as a mobile app, available for iOS and Android. With Bridge’s fully-documented, free API, customers can easily develop their own interfaces, add-on features, and run advanced reports. Month-to-month contracting with scaled pricing, based on actual patient registration—ensures Bridge and its customer’s goals are aligned towards a highly engaged patient population.

Consolidate Piecemealed Patient Engagement Software

Bridge helps healthcare organizations streamline their business and improve patient engagement by being an all-in-one solution capable of displacing “one-off” patient engagement solutions. These first generations, one-off patient engagement solutions for bill pay, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, recall messaging, etc., become expensive to maintain and don’t respect patient communication preferences since they’re not connected to each other. Bridge is an all-in-one solution for all of your patient engagement needs.

Improve Patient Engagement. Automate Your Patient Messaging.

Engage your patients before and after their clinic and hospital visits through SMS and Email messaging. As Bridge is an all-in-one patient engagement solution, you can set reminders, notifications, and other content, from any one of Bridge’s features.

patient engagement solution

Consolidate: Deliver a Better Patient Engagement Solution Experience and Save Money

Managing Multiple Patient Engagement Systems Adds Up

By consolidating multiple patient engagement solutions into one, Bridge patient engagement platform solves these common problems found in other patient engagement vendors:

  • High licensing costs for multiple patient engagement systems
  • Patients have to manage multiple logins for different patient portals, bill pay solutions, etc.
  • Problems with patient registration and username/password resets
  • No single “opt-in” registry for communication and multiple systems, independently sending out emails and SMS’ to patients
  • High cost and effort to manage multiple interfaces or simply no interface being used at all

Patient Engagement Software Platform

Patient Engagement Solution

A true “patient-centric” user experience, the Bridge patient engagement solution is completely customizable patient engagement software, interacts with multiple interfaces (EHR, RCM, PM, etc.) simultaneously, and operates natively on any device, including mobile.

Bridge offers the best patient engagement software in terms of a wide range of functionality, all under its single platform, including:

“For more information on the costs and limitations of the Bridge patient engagement solution as it pertains to it’s 2015 Edition ONC Certification, please visit our ONC Certified HIT 2015 Edition Transparency Disclosure page”

Best Practices for Better Patient Engagement

Successfully engaging patients requires a strategy and the right technology. Follow these best practices and use the best patient engagement in the market to reach your patient experience and engagement goals.


What is Bridge Patient Portal?

A patient portal platform provides patients with online access to essential tools, enabling patients to manage a variety of aspects of their health records and care. Patient portals help stimulate and improve better physician-patient relationships and give patients more control regarding their overall healthcare experience. Bridge patient portal provides an opportunity for health organizations to increase patient engagement, promote loyalty, better manage costs, and increase workflow efficiencies.

Bridge is more than just a patient portal; it is, in fact, a patient engagement solution.

Through the use of our patient engagement software, our clients can deploy client-branded web applications as well as mobile apps, available for iOS and Android.

Bridge is setting a new standard for patient engagement software companies by offering a single, mobile-ready solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, bill pay, patient check-in and more.

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How can a patient portal help my organization/practice?

Patient portal software provides an opportunity to increase patient engagement, promote loyalty, better manage costs and increase workflow efficiencies.

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Why is Bridge Patient Portal better than the others?

Bridge patient portal is the leading 2015 ONC-certified patient portal solution for health organizations looking to connect with both their EXISTING and NEW patients. Bridge is proven to enhance profitability in today’s challenging healthcare market. Beyond just a patient portal software, Bridge offers a mobile-ready, robust patient engagement platform.

Bridge is an EHR-agnostic / vendor-neutral solution that can interface with multiple EHR and RCM systems simultaneously. Bridge’s patient portal software is exceptionally secure, HIPAA-compliant, undergoing routine 3rd-party audits (legal, clinical, and security). The Bridge solution can be used to meet MACRA requirements. Through the use of Bridge’s patient engagement software, healthcare organizations can deploy client-branded mobile apps in iOS and Android and a web-based portal, accessible from their website.

Bridge is uniquely positioned to deliver the best patient portal/patient engagement platform. After 8+ years of intense development, Bridge now finds itself in a unique position to capitalize on other vendors’ shortcomings and grow customer demand for patient engagement solutions.


Bridge is different than anything else on the market in the following ways:

  • Adoption of the latest technologies, such as Angular, which allow for a single code base for web, iOS, and Android.
  • Ability to navigate interface challenges with EHR/RCM vendors.
  • Capacity to successfully interface with 15+ EHR/RCM solutions and counting.
  • Confidence taking on new and unique projects and comfortable setting budget limits — preventing budget overrun.
  • Sole focus on medium-to-large-sized healthcare businesses.
  • Advanced expertise in the healthcare regulatory landscape (i.e., HIPAA and ADA).
  • Expert knowledge in healthcare interface technology (i.e., HL7, FHIR, CCD, Direct).
  • In-depth knowledge of the age of majority law, acceptable management of proxy accounts, conditional presentation of sensitive information, and the complexities associated with parent/guardian/caregiver access.

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Is Bridge Certified? HIPAA, ONC, MACRA?


Bridge patient portal is a HIPAA-compliant advanced IT solution. We adhere to HIPAA regulations and take the necessary steps to ensure our products effectively protect sensitive patient information. Bridge patient portal has passed multiple rounds of third-party HIPAA audits. As a customer, you will also sign a business associate agreement with Bridge for HIPAA compliance purposes.

HIPAA compliant features include:


Bridge patient portal is committed to the security, compliance, and QA of each individual portal installation. Each portal is hosted on a secure Google cloud server with the appropriate firewalls. Bridge undergoes annual third-party HIPAA audits and various other security-related audits. Bridge also staffs a full-time compliance officer.


SLI Compliance certified Bridge for 2015 Edition Module EHR / Ambulatory * ONC Health IT Certification. This certification designates that healthcare providers/organizations can use the 2015 certified patient portal for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) pathway of the MACRA Quality Payment Program. With the ONC 2015 certification, Bridge’s portal meets or exceeds all security requirements pertaining to patient portal software.

Bridge certified on the highest number of criteria (16 modular EHR criteria) of any EHR-independent 3rd party patient portal solution.

Bridge patient portal v2.0, certification date: Jul 3, 2018, certification ID number:


Bridge can be a patient portal for MACRA attestation and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Advancing Care Information) performance category in MIPS. The Promoting Interoperability category is worth 25% of a clinician’s MIPS Final Score. The score is derived on the satisfaction of base score, performance score, and bonus score requirements, all of which are weighted differently in terms of their contribution to the Promoting Interoperability performance category final score. “Patient Electronic Access” is a MIPS measure that is required for the base score and can be achieved through the use of a healthcare patient portal such as Bridge. There is also the View, Download, and Transmit (VDT) measure that most will recognize as a critical factor in having a patient portal for MU.

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What kind of features and functionality does Bridge offer? And is it customizable?

Bridge is setting a new standard for custom patient portal solutions by offering a single, mobile-ready solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, bill pay, patient check-in and more.

Bridge offers an entire range of fully-customizable features, including:


Bridge patient portal is a fully customizable patient portal solution. Tell us what you would like customized, and we will tell you if it is feasible and the associated costs. In some cases, we will not charge for customizations if we believe it would be beneficial for all Bridge users.

Some of the customizations Bridge frequently installs include:

  • Changes to intake form templates
  • Changes to registration forms
  • EHR/PM software interfaces
  • Self-scheduling workflows
  • Proxy access rules
  • Filtering/hiding health summary and lab data
  • Payment gateway interfaces
  • Custom homepage widgets
  • Website integration
  • In-portal advertising


All of Bridge’s installations are designed to meet your healthcare organization’s brand identity. You can also choose to reserve requested portal customization for your organization’s use only. This is a common request in cases where the customization is part of a client’s “secret sauce.” If you require something that you do not see listed, feel free to request a new feature.

There is a good chance the patient portal development team is already developing it or has it scheduled for development.

Bridge’s patient engagement software platform is designed to help organizations with multiple patient engagement solutions. Our platform condenses the solution suite down to one single patient-facing solution. From the sole solution, organizations can expect the same functionality as the following solutions:

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Do we have to use/purchase the entire solution?

You can pick and choose what works for you and your patients. Generally speaking, Bridge is sold with a base set of features that serves as the foundation for our patient portal system. There are then add-ons such as interfaces, mobile apps, and customized patient intake, to name a few.

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Can our patients use their mobile phones to access the portal?

Yes, Bridge’s web browser-based application is mobile-friendly by using responsive design, ensuring a user-friendly experience on all devices.

Bridge is also available as a mobile healthcare app, with native support for Android and iOS. The app is an extension of the patient portal and replicates the same functionality that is available in the portal. Unlike a typical mobile patient portal, Bridge’s app is client-branded, allowing hospitals and health systems a way to build their brand further. Patients would download the app in either the iOS or Android app stores.

Furthermore, Bridge is a reseller of the Universe mHealth App Platform, which offers medium-to-large healthcare organizations a secure and scalable solution for all their online patient services. Universe mHealth is perfect for organizations looking to consolidate multiple patient engagement systems into a single app.

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