Integrated Patient Scheduling Software

Just as consumers use online tools to book restaurant reservations, pay their bills, or request a cab, patients want the same experience when making an appointment with their providers. As a means of meeting patient demands, organizations have purchased grossly overpriced 3rd party patient appointment software solutions and have added additional solutions to their often already convoluted ecosystem. Bridge’s fully integrated, reliable, and easy-to-use medical appointment scheduling software allows patients to manage appointment availability and view prompts and reminders for follow-up care at any time of day. Bridge’s integrated patient appointment scheduler solution also helps organizations consolidate their solution offering, providing a single point of entry for all patient activities.


Patient scheduling software

Mobile-Ready Patient Scheduling Software

With Bridge’s patient engagement software, users can schedule patient appointments in real time from any mobile device. They also have the ability to manage and view old appointment data. If a patient is a caregiver of a dependent they also have the ability to schedule appointments on behalf of their dependents from their mobile device.

A User-Friendly Patient Appointment Scheduler

Many of today’s industry-leading patient self scheduling software solutions were built to handle the scheduling of routine office visits. They are not well equipped to handle the scheduling of multi-disciplinary, non-routine visits that require the advanced decision trees and complex logic that goes with the scheduling of those appointments (clinical questions, insurance clearance, physician clearance). Bridge’s solution is a rules-based, enterprise-wide patient appointment scheduling software that ensures a patient can work their way through proper clinical screening and select from conflict-free times. The patient portal solution was built to easily handle complex scheduling decision trees that are adaptable to any provider group and the unique schedules of their providers. Scheduling 100% of visits online in most cases is impossible, but getting to an 80+ percent rate is a goal we strive for. For appointments we can’t schedule, we simply defer the user to a specially designed request form which is sent to a tasking center or to call a number.

Integrated Patient Self Scheduling Software

With this patient scheduling software, Bridge supports real-time, self-scheduling and reminders for many industry-leading EHR/PM systems. Clients also have the ability to repurpose the developed scheduling interface for solutions out of the patient scheduling portal, such as a website-interfaced appointment scheduler.
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