Increase Patient Engagement at your Clinic, Hospital or Integrated Delivery Network with Bridge’s Patient Portal Software

Bridge is one of the leading ONC-certified patient engagement vendors for health organizations seeking to improve profitability in today’s challenging healthcare market. Beyond just patient portal software, we offer a coordinated, mobile-friendly online patient communication platform that increases patient engagement as well as provides a more personal and stronger connection with your organization.

Bridge is an EHR-agnostic patient portal solution that can interface with multiple EHR and RCM systems simultaneously. Our patient portal platform is extremely secure, HIPAA-compliant, and ONC-certified, undergoing routine 3rd-party audits (legal, clinical, and security). Bridge can also be used to meet MACRA requirements.

ONC-ACB 2015 Edition Certified Modular EHR

Why Health Organizations and Patients Love Bridge Patient Portal Solution

  • EHR-agnostic patient portal systems– works with any EHR
  • Connect to multiple EHR systems simultaneously
  • Attest to MIPS: meet MACRA requirements for Medicare billing with visit summaries and secure messaging
  • Better medication adherence and reconciliation
  • Customizable patient care plans with notifications
  • Patient self-scheduling
  • Online bill pay and financial management tools
  • User-friendly and mobile-ready – easy to use on smartphones and tablets
patient portal software

The Best Patient Portal Software

HIPAA-Compliant, ONC-Certified, and Extremely Secure

Our HIPAA patient portal meets HIPAA regulations for patient data storage and sharing, and our software undergoes regular third-party security audits. In addition to security, we also perform legal and clinical audits. We are committed to keeping your patients’ data safe.

Feature-rich Patient Portal Solution Software

Patient Registration

Bridge patient portal specialist offers multiple methods by which patients can sign up for a portal account.

  • In-office registration: Patients can sign up at the front desk, before or after their visit.
  • Self-registration: Patients can create an account on their own, at home or at work.
IDology Advanced Patient Portal Systems Identification Questions

We’ve partnered with identity verification and fraud network IDology to offer an additional layer of patient user authentication. Users will be asked to answer a few identity verifications before logging in to the portal. This feature is available as an add-on to the portal.

patient portal systems Patient Registration

Appointment Scheduling

Bridge helps you automate the appointment scheduling process by letting patients book appointments at their own convenience. The appointment request platform is simple for patients to use, and lets them select their doctor and preferred visit time from a list of available appointment slots. Our self-scheduling enterprise patient portal allows you to implement an automated workflow that asks the questions you need answered before confirming an appointment, including prompting patients to fill out forms.

Choose between two setup configurations that determine what happens once a patient appointment request is received.

  • Automated. Appointment requests are automatically scheduled once the patient clicks “submit request.”
  • Semi-automated. Designate a person (or group of users) in your organization to receive appointment request notifications as soon as they are submitted. Users can review the appointment requests when it is convenient and change the status from “pending” to “scheduled” to confirm. A notification will then be sent to the patient.

patient portal solution Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Reminders

Drastically reduce patient no-shows with automated, scheduled appointment reminders. Patients can choose to receive reminders via email, SMS, or both, at your preferred time interval (either 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours before the appointment). You can also send patients custom reminders for special appointments, such as a reminder to fast the morning of a lab test.

patient portal solution appointment scheduling

Prescription Refills

Automate the refill request workflow process and save your staff hours of work each day with Bridge Prescription Refill Request feature. Using the Bridge patient portal systems, patients can request medication refills online from anywhere and at any time, without making a phone call – and office staff can respond to those requests without interruption. Our platform is reliable and easy to use, and it facilitates a process that can be time-consuming for patients, physicians, and their staff.

Patients can enter their information in the required fields, even selecting their pharmacy or entering their shipping information, and then submit the prescription request to their provider to take action. Once the refill request is submitted, notification is automatically sent to the appropriate staff member or physician through the patient portal where it can be verified and approved. Bridge also supports medication adherence software in which there is communication between patient and provider to ensure medication is being taken according to the prescription given.

patient portal systems Prescription Refills

Online Bill Pay

A convenient alternative to having your billing department mail paper statements and make phone calls to patients, Bridge’s online bill pay feature allows you to get paid faster by collecting payments online. It is easy for patients to use and automates the billing process for your staff.

Payments made through our secure patient portal systems can be posted to your practice management system automatically through an easy-to-set-up interface. You can also generate dozens of useful reports. The benefits are clear and realizing a strong return on investment is easy. Bridge is an excellent solution for your online medical bill pay needs.

  • Collect invoices and current balances from an RCM system
  • PCI-compliant payment solutions

enterprise patient portal online bill pay

Secure Messaging

With secure messaging on Bridge, you and your staff will be able to send multiple types of HIPAA-compliant messages.

  • Mass email: Send email messages to large groups of patients (such as all users who didn’t complete the portal registration process).
  • Direct messaging: Send materials like patient health records to a fellow provider.
  • Patient messaging: Provide a secure electronic messaging platform for patients to communicate with you. Patients get a notification via email when a new message is waiting for them. Providers can respond to incoming messages through the patient portal, or directly from their EHR using an interface. Bridge supports advanced integrations and can interface with any EHR, making it easy to maintain open lines of communication with patients.

enterprise patient portal secure messaging

Care Plans

Turn traditional, complicated treatment plans into accessible, hands-on programs for your patients using our Care Plan feature. Bridge lets you take a complex care plan and create a task list that’s simple enough for any patient to understand. Common tasks may be related to medication compliance, diet, activity, vitals tracking, and more – and they can be assigned with custom timing and frequency that meets the patient’s needs.

Patients can track their adherence to their care plan and overall progress toward goal completion in the portal, and automatic reminders can be sent from the portal for any or all of their scheduled tasks. The feature also comes with pre-existing templates that physicians can modify to create custom care plans that suit their patients’ individual health needs.

Bridge also supports patient education materials, in any format – including embedded videos or links to YouTube, articles, PDFs, visual materials, and more. You’ll be able to upload helpful content to match your patients’ individual care plans.

enterprise patient portal care plans


Bridge offers three types of reporting to help track the success of your portal implementation.

  • Engagement reporting with Engage+: Our Engage+ module provides a snapshot of your patients’ levels of engagement with your portal. View graphs and figures on logins, messages sent, health summaries sent, appointments requested, bills paid, and more. You can even configure your Engage+ to place importance on patient actions you prioritize, and calculate an overall patient engagement score based on those priorities.
  • Audit log: See raw data about patient behaviors in the portal – such as how many patients have created accounts, scheduled an appointment in the past month, or performed any other action.
  • Meaningful use: See the number of patients who viewed and downloaded a CCD, and which patients have received a message from their provider.

patient portal solution reporting

Medical Records

Bridge offers secure medical record access that’s fully integrated with your EHR system – meaning that you and you patients are always on the same page about their health. Our medical records documentation features give your patients the tools they need to better manage their health.

  • Medications: See medications prescribed, as well as order prescription refills via the portal.
  • Lab results: Once uploaded to your EHR or laboratory software, lab results can be automatically uploaded to the portal for the patient to review. A notification can be configured to alert the patient when their test results are available.
  • Bidirectional interfaces: Maximize your EHR with the industry’s leading EHR-agnostic patient portal systems technology. Bridge interfaces with some of the most popular electronic health record and revenue cycle management systems, including NextGen®, PrognoCIS™, AllScripts®, Greenway™, and hundreds more via the X-Link connector.

enterprise patient portal medical records

  • C-CDA health summaries: Meet meaningful use by securely uploading the C-CDA summary of care documents post-visit.
  • Health history: Allows patients to update and manage their medical information. They can enter conditions and symptoms, note their status, and specify when each one began. They can also add past and current medications, family and social histories, and information about allergies and past immunizations.
  • Immunizations: The patient can see their immunization history, as well as which immunizations are due in the future (and which are overdue). This feature is perfect for pediatricians and family medicine specialists, as it can be accessed by parents or guardians of children.

patient portal software screen

  • Wellness tracker and growth chart: See health information like height, weight, BMI, and vital signs compared against CCD standards. Data is presented in an easy-to-read graph showing changes over time.

patient portal software screen

  • Upload documents: Both patients and providers can upload attachments, allowing for easy sharing of medical information not entered by the physician in the EHR. For example, a patient could upload lab results from a previous physician.

Patient Forms

Save your practice an extra step and have your patients fill out forms online. With our online patient forms software, you can send intake forms, satisfaction surveys, general health assessments, and more to your patients’ pre- or post-visit. Forms can be sent to your EHR via a bidirectional interface.

Your office can save even more time by assigning each of your patient forms to particular appointment types. If your patients need to complete a certain form before an appointment, the form will appear to the patient when they schedule an appointment within the portal. They will be required to complete the form before the appointment can be confirmed.

patient portal solution eConsultations

Auto-Population of Form Data

As an added convenience to patients, forms filled out within the portal can be auto-populated with already-recorded patient information – such as name, address, phone number, and birthdate.


Let your patients participate in secure remote consultations, and join our team of patient portal suppliers by generating revenue from those exchanges, using Bridge advanced eConsultation technology. Treat and communicate with a patient without being physically in the exam room, creating a convenient and time-saving healthcare experience that can result in better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Bridge offers two forms of remote communication:

  • Telephone calls: The patient must select a date and time for the appointment and provide a phone number where they can be reached for the call. The provider will contact them at that time.
  • Secure messaging: Communication may only be initiated by the physician or office staff, but patients can respond. All conversations stay within the confines of the portal.

When it comes to billing, our enterprise patient portal can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose to set an eConsultation rate for phone calls, or set up a pre-pay credit system for patients to use towards online consults. Your patients’ credit card information can be kept on file, and billed before or after their visit.

patient portal software screen


Bridge supports multiple types of patient notifications for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Help increase engagement with options like:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill alerts (e.g. that the patient’s refill request was approved)
  • New message
  • New health summary
  • New document
  • Billing reminders (e.g. new invoice due)


Options include:

  • SMS
  • Text
  • Email
  • Push notifications via a healthcare mobile app built to connect with Bridge and your EHR and RCM systems
  • Automated Patient Notifications

patient portal solution notifications

Caregiver Access

Allow caregivers or family members to manage patient’s accounts and view their records.

  • Full access: Caregivers can manage patients’ accounts on their behalf and have complete access to all the portal’s features.
  • Sharing: Share medical records without permitting the caregiver to manage the account.
  • Age of majority: Support for state-specific age of majority laws. Once the child reaches the age of majority, parent, or guardian access to the dependent’s portal is automatically unlinked.
  • Primary and secondary caregiver access: Caregivers can be granted either full access to the child’s portal account or read-only access.

patient portal software screen

Tasking Module for Admins

Our admin dashboard for practice or hospital admin staff helps your healthcare business handle thousands of patient requests in a day. Your staff will be able to conveniently manage, delegate, and complete incoming patient requests – including billing, appointment requests, prescription refills, and more.

View the Bridge Patient Portal User Interface and Sample Product Features

EHR-Bundled Patient Portal Vendors Fall Short

patient portal systems EHR
Patient portal systems software from industry-leading EHRs repeatedly disappoint health organizations and their patients. Bridge offers a superior patient experience through its patient-centric design, mobile app, and robust EHR interfaces. Offering patients a comprehensive view of their medical record, ability to make their own appointments, pay their bills, and securely communicate with their care team. Learn about how Bridge does it better than other patient portal vendors and what our customers have to say about us.

Patient Portal Development – Custom Interface or Easy Integration with Bridge’s API

Through extensive patient portal development, Bridge is able to integrate seamlessly with a number of leading EHR and RCM systems on the market today – including NextGen®, PrognoCIS™, AllScripts®, Greenway™, and hundreds more via the X-Link connector. Even if an existing interface with your software isn’t available, we offer subsidized interfaces with select software vendors – contact us today to learn more.

Our API allows you to pull data from Bridge’s custom patient portal solution into other software systems that you may be using, helping your practice or hospital to run smoothly for both you and your patients.

Learn more about
Interfacing with bridge
Learn more
about our api

Provide Better Care for High-Risk Patient Populations with Patient Portal Software, Bridge CCM

Bridge CCM is a standalone software solution that helps healthcare providers track medical treatments and health conditions between visits, and increase reimbursements through CPT code 99490, Medicare’s new chronic care management code.

Bridge CCM tracks the time spent on each patient, and offers a secure messaging platform through which you’ll be able to message other healthcare providers, care coaches, and your patients.

Learn More

patient portal software bridge-ccm-screen

Publish a native patient portal app for iOS and Android

Bridge provides healthcare organizations with the indsutry’s fastest way to publish an iOS and Android mobile app, which is branded to the healthcare organization. Bridge uses the latest coding technologies which gives patients a single patient engagement and portal solution which is accessible via their PC/laptop as a web application, on the mobile phone’s web browser and as a downloadable app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One codebase, one login, one intuitive patient experience. All of the features a patient would find in our web-based portal are also found in the app. This client-branded, all-in-one approach is commonly referred to in the healthcare industry as a Digital Front Door.

Learn More

Bridge medical scheduling app

Enterprise Patient Portal Secure Registration and Login

Bridge’s enterprise patient portal solution offers functionality to make your patient portal safer, such as two factor authentication. Here’s how it works.

Enterprise Patient Portal


How can a patient portal help my organization/practice?

Bridge empowers patients with self-service tools to better manage their care, increasing patient engagement, and patient loyalty. The Bridge platform enables health organizations to replace their existing EHR portals or connect disparate EHR environments, reducing costs and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Bridge is a 2015 certified patient portal; therefore, healthcare organizations can use Bridge to attest to Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Programs (Meaningful Use). Bridge also aids healthcare organizations in providing patients electronic access to their health information which is a requirement for MACRA/MIPS. Bridge can also aid healthcare organizations in ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule compliance. In order to be compliant, organizations must provide patients secure access to their electronic medical record data through an app of their choice.

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Why is Bridge Patient Portal better than the others?

Bridge is different than anything else on the market in the following ways:

  • Provides a client-branded healthcare mobile app
  • Adopts the latest technologies, such as Angular, which allows for a single codebase for web, iOS, and Android.
  • Capacity to successfully interface with 15+ EHR/RCM solutions and counting.
  • Focuses on medium-to-large-sized healthcare businesses.
  • Advanced expertise in the healthcare regulatory landscape (i.e., HIPAA and ADA). 
  • Expert knowledge in healthcare interface technology (i.e., HL7, FHIR, CCD, Direct).
  • In-depth knowledge of the age of majority law, acceptable management of proxy accounts, conditional presentation of sensitive information, and the complexities associated with parent/guardian/caregiver access.
  • Boasts the highest functionality of any platform

Bridge is an enterprise patient portal and patient engagement solution for healthcare organizations. The platform is ideal for companies seeking to replace their existing EHR patient portal, connect disparate EHR environments, consolidate costly patient engagement tools, offer telemedicine services, and or publish a mobile app. Bridge truly engages patients with a superior, client-branded user experience that includes automated electronic communication and meaningful, multi-platform access to health, financial, and appointment information. Bridge’s all-in-one patient engagement solution is proven to enhance patient-physician collaboration, care outcomes, business profitability, and brand equity.

Bridge is an EHR-agnostic / vendor-neutral solution that can interface with multiple EHR and RCM systems simultaneously.

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What kind of features and functionality does Bridge offer? And is it customizable?

Bridge Essential includes the following features:

Bridge also provides several optional add-ons, including:

Bridge is a fully customizable patient portal solution. New modules can be added to the platform at any time. Bridge can determine whether a custom feature is feasible or not and the associated costs. In some cases, Bridge will not charge for customizations if it is believed it would be beneficial for all Bridge users.

All of Bridge’s installations are designed to meet the healthcare organization’s brand identity. Healthcare organizations can also choose to reserve requested portal customization for the organization’s use only. This is a common request in cases where the customization is part of a client’s “secret sauce.” If the client requires something that is not listed, the healthcare organization can request a new feature. There is a good chance the patient portal development team is already developing it or has it scheduled for development.

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What products does Bridge currently interface with?

Bridge currently interfaces with:

  • AdvancedMD
  • Allscripts
  • athenahealth (Incl. athenaOne and the Centricity product line, formerly known as Virence / GE Centricity incl. Centricity Business, Centricity EMR, and Centricity Practice Solution (CPS))
  • Aurora
  • Brightree
  • EMR-Link
  • gMed
  • Greenway
  • Infomedika
  • McKesson
  • MedWorxs
  • Mirth Connect
  • NextGen
  • PhoenixOrtho
  • PrognoCIS
  • Strateq Health
  • Wellsky
  • Wellsoft
  • X-Link
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What is Bridge?

Bridge is a patient engagement solution that provides patients with online entry points to essential tools, enabling patients to manage a variety of aspects of their health records and enables them to seek care. Patient portals help stimulate and improve better physician-patient relationships and give patients more control regarding their overall healthcare experience. Bridge provides an opportunity for health organizations to increase patient engagement, promote loyalty, better manage costs, and increase workflow efficiencies.

Bridge is more than just a patient portal; it is, in fact, a comprehensive patient engagement solution.

Through the use of patient engagement software, Bridge clients can deploy client-branded web applications as well as mobile apps, available for iOS and Android.

Bridge is setting a new standard for digital patient engagement software companies by offering a single, mobile-ready solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, bill pay, patient check-in, and more.

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Is there a Bridge app?

Yes, Bridge offers a patient portal app. The app is an extension of the patient portal and replicates the same functionality that is available in the portal. Unlike a typical patient portal mobile app, Bridge’s app is client-branded, allowing hospitals and health systems a way to build their brand further. Patients would download the app in either the iOS or Android app stores. Bridge is also available as a patient engagement mobile app, with native support for Android and iOS. To learn more about Bridge’s mobile app solution, please visit the Digital Front Door page.


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Can the patient portal application be customized?

Yes. Bridge is a fully customizable patient portal solution. If a customized feature is required, Bridge assesses whether it is feasible and if there is an associated cost. In some cases, Bridge will not charge for customizations if Bridge feels that it would be beneficial for all Bridge users.

Custom patient portal features:

  • Changes to intake form templates
  • EHR/PM software interfaces
  • Custom Patient Appointment Self Scheduling Workflows
  • Filtering/hiding sensitive health summary and lab data
  • Payment Gateway Integrations for Patient Bill Pay
  • Custom homepage widgets
  • API-driven microservices for client websites
  • In-portal advertising
  • Custom one-stop new patient registration and appointment scheduling forms

All of Bridge’s installations are designed to conform to the healthcare organization’s brand identity. Healthcare organizations can also choose to reserve requested portal customization for the organization’s use only. This is a common request in cases where the customization is part of a client’s “secret sauce.”

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Can I request a new feature for my portal?

Yes. Please feel free to ask us about any feature that you would like to have installed. There is a good chance the patient portal development team is already developing it or has it scheduled for development.

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Is your patient portal mobile friendly?

Yes, Bridge’s web browser-based application is mobile-friendly by using responsive design. This ensures a user-friendly experience on all devices.

Bridge also offers a client-branded healthcare mobile app solution with extensive functionality for interfaces, patient medical records, appointment scheduling, messaging, bill pay, and more.

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Find additional frequently asked questions and answers by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions library
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