Digital Front Door – The Latest Technology To Hit The Healthcare Industry

The digital front door is not just a patient portal or website with a suite of self-service tools. What it should be, is a client-branded mobile app and web solution with all the rich functionality of a patient portal, website self-service patient tools, and other patient engagement features, all in one place and accessible via a single login.

A digital front door strategy can benefit health systems in multiple ways including:

  • Saving money
  • Simplifying patient engagement
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Future-proofing patient engagement
  • Attracting more patients
  • Boosting patient loyalty
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Enhancing the patient experience


Healthcare Digital Front Door Features

Patient’s expectations for digital capabilities are on the rise. Self-service features that patients want within a digital front door healthcare solution:


What kind of features and functionality does Bridge offer? And is it customizable?

Bridge Essential includes the following features:

Bridge also provides several optional add-ons, including:

Bridge is a fully customizable patient portal solution. New modules can be added to the platform at any time. Bridge can determine whether a custom feature is feasible or not and the associated costs. In some cases, Bridge will not charge for customizations if it is believed it would be beneficial for all Bridge users.

All of Bridge’s installations are designed to meet the healthcare organization’s brand identity. Healthcare organizations can also choose to reserve requested portal customization for the organization’s use only. This is a common request in cases where the customization is part of a client’s “secret sauce.” If the client requires something that is not listed, the healthcare organization can request a new feature. There is a good chance the patient portal development team is already developing it or has it scheduled for development.

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Is Zoom HIPAA compliant?

Zoom is willing to sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which is an important element for HIPAA compliance, but it lacks end-to-end encryption which is the most important step towards achieving HIPAA compliance. At the time of writing, there are multiple security issues preventing HIPAA-compliance. 

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Does Bridge offer video e-consultations for telehealth as part of its patient portal solution?

Bridge offers a telehealth solution that leverages Zoom® for Healthcare. The virtual visits solution easily connects with healthcare organization’s existing digital tools and connects disparate touchpoints along the patient journey—providing patients with a seamless experience and improving patient satisfaction. 

How It Works:

  1. Patients can request a video e-consultation by selecting the provider, date, and type of appointment. 
  2. Zoom creates a unique video visit room code for that appointment.
  3. An email confirmation plus notification reminders are triggered at preset intervals before the appointment.
  4. The patient receives a secure notification with a link to the portal that allows them to securely join the Zoom meeting.
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What is Bridge?

Bridge is a patient engagement solution that provides patients with online entry points to essential tools, enabling patients to manage a variety of aspects of their health records and enables them to seek care. Patient portals help stimulate and improve better physician-patient relationships and give patients more control regarding their overall healthcare experience. Bridge provides an opportunity for health organizations to increase patient engagement, promote loyalty, better manage costs, and increase workflow efficiencies.

Bridge is more than just a patient portal; it is, in fact, a comprehensive patient engagement solution.

Through the use of patient engagement software, Bridge clients can deploy client-branded web applications as well as mobile apps, available for iOS and Android.

Bridge is setting a new standard for digital patient engagement software companies by offering a single, mobile-ready solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, bill pay, patient check-in, and more.

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Does Bridge support a patient chatbot?

Currently, chatbots are not supported. Bridge plans to include a chatbot for its virtual visit module.

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Does Bridge support telemedicine capabilities?

Bridge currently integrates with Zoom® for virtual visits. Bridge is exploring other beneficial integrations. There are plans to develop a Bridge virtual care module in 2021.

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How does Bridge ensure HIPAA compliance and patient security while conducting telemedicine?

Patients are required to sign a telemedicine informed consent form before participating in a telemedicine consultation through the Bridge. In this way, patients accept the terms of conducting a medical visit via video chat, including potential benefits, constraints, and risks.

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Can custom features be added to Bridge’s web application and/or mobile app?

Yes, the Digital Front Door concept denotes a one-stop-shop for patients to access a variety of self-service tools and patient resources to better manage their care. Bridge further accomplishes this goal by allowing custom features to be added to the patient portal’s web and mobile app navigation, as well as supporting the customization of particular features.

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What remote patient monitoring and wearable devices does Bridge support?

Bridge currently supports integration with FitBit. Bridge is also capable of integrating with any number of devices, as well as interface engines, such as Validic®. Self-reported patient data such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc., can be added by the patient in Bridge, or received automatically from an integrated device. This patient-entered data is categorized as such as to not mix with provider-entered data. Patient-entered data can then be reported to the EHR.

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Can Bridge support multiple integrations at once?

Yes, Bridge can support several HL7 and API-based interfaces at once to EHR, PM, RCM, LIS, RIS, and other patient/clinical information systems.

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Is WhatsApp HIPAA compliant?

WhatsApp® is NOT a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software and should not be used to share ePHI or deliver online healthcare since doing so would violate HIPAA regulations.


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Can I request a new feature for my portal?

Yes. Please feel free to ask us about any feature that you would like to have installed. There is a good chance the patient portal development team is already developing it or has it scheduled for development.

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Can I try the product before I buy it?

The best way to become familiar with Bridge and experience its benefits is through an interactive demonstration with a Bridge specialist. This demo is customized to the client’s needs and showcases the product’s robust features and capabilities.

In some cases, Bridge can provide a demo login to a test environment for a client to interact with the product further.

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Is Skype® HIPAA compliant?

Skype® is currently not HIPAA compliant. While Skype’s ® encryption methods are secure, one of the most compelling reasons against the use of Skype® for healthcare provider-patient communication is that Skype® will not enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which is required under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. Organizations that use the software to communicate with patients over the Internet should be aware of the risks involved and consider using other video conferencing platforms instead.

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