The EHR-Integrated Care Management Platform for Condition, Medication, and Care Plan Management

Bridge CCM is a chronic care management software solution that helps healthcare providers track medical treatments and health conditions between office visits. It was developed as a tool to and increase reimbursements through CPT code 99490, Medicare’s new chronic care management code.

Under CPT 99490, providers who spend an additional 20 minutes per month outside of visits caring for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions are eligible for additional reimbursements. Bridge CCM tracks the time spent on each patient, and offers a secure messaging platform through which you’ll be able to message other healthcare providers, care coaches, and your patients.

Bridge CCM interfaces seamlessly with your EHR system meaning that your care plan, notes, and patient information remain consistent across all your practice’s systems. Bridge CCM is a Patient Portal-integrated software solution that’s only available with the Bridge Enterprise License.


Build your Chronic Care Management Software Program with Bridge CCM.

HIPAA-compliant Comprehensive care planning features Interfaces with any EHR Easy-to-use Comprehensive reporting
Bridge CCM follows HIPAA Compliance requirements and guidelines. All patient information is encrypted in our database. Build custom care plans with trackable tasks and goals for your patients. Use Bridge CCM with your existing software. Our user-friendly interface means you’ll find the right information in just a few clicks. It’s easy to run reports on your billing, patient tracking, and more.


The Most Trusted Platform for Your CCM Program

Our team has deep knowledge of the requirements for complying with CPT code 99490, and we understand the opportunities and challenges involved for your medical business. Designed and developed by a team with years of experience in the health IT industry, Bridge’s software for CPT 99490 is focused on providing a solution that expands your capability to provide chronic care management to Medicare patients, and to track time and information in a more reliable way.



Can I customize chronic care management forms?

Yes, there is a form builder in the Chronic Care Management solution that enables administrators to develop custom forms to be used in their CCM program.

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How do I track the time I have spent in providing Chronic Care Management services?

The Chronic Care Management solution has a built in timer. Every time a care coach accesses a patient chart, reviews the patient health records, updates or modifies the patient’s care plan, or communicates with the patient via phone or email the time spent in each activity is automatically recorded. At the end of the month, you can run a billing report for each provider that details the amount of time spent on Chronic Care Management service.

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