Patient-Centered Medical Scheduling Software as Part of a Feature-Rich Patient Engagement Solution

Patient scheduling is one of the most requested features by patients in a patient engagement solution and with good reason. Patients are used to doing everything online nowadays, but healthcare organizations have lagged behind other industries when it comes to online user experience. Until now, healthcare organizations needed to rely on their EHR/RCM vendor to provide their medical scheduling software. The problem is that many EHR/RCM vendors don’t offer this type of functionality, or if they do, it is limited. This has forced healthcare organizations to seek out specific medical scheduling software vendors offering only scheduling functionality. As healthcare organizations accumulate multiple systems, they find themselves faced with the inevitable challenge of tying them all together.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Bridge’s medical appointment scheduling software is highly customizable, meeting some of the most complex needs of high volume, multi-specialty clinics. Bridge’s rules-based medical appointment scheduling solution ensures that a patient can work their way through the proper clinical screening and select from conflict-free times. The patient scheduling software was built to easily handle complex scheduling decision trees and is adaptable to any provider group—forming to the unique schedules of each of their providers. Bridge strives to schedule as many appointments without staff intervention as possible. For appointments Bridge can’t schedule, Bridge simply defers the user either to call a number or, to fill out a specially designed request form which is sent to a tasking center. Some of the configurations supported in Bridge include:

  • Providers can block off specific days/times
  • Providers can set alternative providers when unavailable
  • Inherit days/hours availability from EHR/PM system
  • Support for provider location mapping
  • Decision trees for appointment type, insurance, location and provider

The “All-in-One” Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Bridge is an all-in-one, vendor-neutral medical scheduling software that works bi-directionally with any interfaceable EHR, RCM, PM, HIE, and RIS system and offers a wealth of other features, including:

All in a Branded Medical Scheduling Software App

Best of all, Bridge’s medical scheduling software is available, along with other functionality, in a client-branded mobile app. With support for both Android and iOS, the app includes the majority of the functionality found in Bridge’s web version. This enables patients to access all of the most common self-service features from a single branded app. Healthcare organizations can select from existing features and develop new custom features—so they can reach the goal of having a single app for the entire healthcare organization.

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