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Deliver customized reminders via SMS text, email, IVR, or push notification using Bridge’s HIPAA-compliant patient appointment reminder software.

Send strategically timed, automated appointment confirmations and reminders to patients ahead of their visit, including visit-specific messages based on appointment type. HIPAA compliant appointment reminders can be sent using SMS, email, push notification, or interactive voice response (IVR) in English and Spanish. Appointment feeds are pulled directly from your EHR/PM/RCM source system(s) in real-time and patients can easily reply to confirm, cancel, or reschedule the appointment. Automated patient appointment reminders can be sent for appointments made both inside and outside of Bridge, even for those who haven’t registered for a portal account.

The healthcare industry loses $150 billion a year to no-shows alone. Clinics and practices on average experience a 19% no-show rate with a loss of over $150,000 per provider each year.

Health Management Technology

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Most patients miss their appointments because they simply forget. Significantly decrease no-shows with staggered appointment reminders across multiple touchpoints with Bridge’s patient appointment reminder software. For instance, send an email reminder five days before an appointment, followed by a phone call two days in advance, and text message the day before and morning of the appointment.

Boost patient satisfaction

57% of patients expect doctors to send automated text, voice, or email reminders. Allow patients to quickly reply to reminders to confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment. Automated patient appointment reminders can also trigger the intake process for a more seamless patient experience.

Better patient compliance

Improve adherence to visit protocols and patient outcomes by deterring cancellations and no-shows, which have a direct impact on patient health. A study found patients who failed to keep even one appointment with their PCP were 70% more likely not to return within 18 months.

Improve office productivity

75% of patients who do not deliver appointment reminders lack staff time as one of the reasons. Even if you have the resources, don’t make staff spend hours a day manually calling patients to confirm appointments, reschedule no-shows, and fill empty appointment slots. A patient appointment reminder solution that requires little staff intervention can handle an entire day’s worth of reminders in less than an hour.

Streamline patient communication preferences

Move away from managing a mix of disparate patient communication tools that have separate admin panels, policies, and agreements. Centralize patient communication opt-in/out preferences using a single system. Send reminders based on selected patient preferences, such as SMS text only.

Mobile-first = patient-first

With Bridge’s patient appointment reminder software, it’s easy to receive appointment reminders in real-time on any mobile device via SMS text or email. If a patient has the mobile app they can also receive reminders via push notifications.


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