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Learn how Bridge’s full patient engagement suite is priced

Bridge Portal Bridge Mobile Bridge Scheduling Bridge Intake Bridge Pay Bridge Virtual Visits Bridge Tasking
Core Product (Required) Add-On (Optional) Add-On (Optional) Add-On (Optional) Add-On (Optional) Add-On (Optional) Add-On (Optional)
Client-Branded X X X X X X X
Appointment Requests X
Self Portal Registration X
Two Factor Authentication X
Patient Forms X
Appointment Reminders X
Broadcast & Mass Patient Messaging X
Proxy/Family/Caregiver Accounts X
Healthwise® Patient Education Integration X
Secure Patient Messaging X
Patient Surveys X
Rx Refill Request X
Lab & Radiology Results X
Medical Records X
Patient Documents X
Google Play Store Published X
Apple App Store Published X
Touch/Face ID Login X
Push Notifications X
Appointment Self-Scheduling X
Appointment Cancellations & Rescheduling X
Appointment Check-In X
Co-Pay and Balance Due Payments X
Clinical Forms X
Consent Forms X
Demographic Forms X
Online Bill Pay X
Payment Plans X
Invoice/Encounter Detail X
Front-Desk Payments X
Zoom® Video Visit Integration X
Live Chat X
Chat Bot X
Task Management X
Custom Task Processes X
Price Per Provider
Per Month(Approx)**
$50/mo $45/mo $35/mo $45/mo $20/mo $35/mo $20/mo

*Required purchased of additional module

**Pricing based on a 100 provider group with upfront cost amortized over a 3-year period, though contract is month to month


How are provider user licenses counted for pricing?

For products and services priced based on the number of providers, the following method of calculation will be made. A provider is considered to be any high-level provider providing care to a patient. This includes M.D., D.O., D.C., D.P.M., N.P., C.N.M., C.M., DDS, or DMD. For the titles of Psy.D, Ph.D., L.Ac., PT & OT, Bridge will count each title at a ¼ provider value. A large portion of Bridge’s pricing is based on the number of providers that are going to be using Bridge. Bridge generally does not provide a discount for part-time providers, though exceptions can be made in certain cases. Supporting staff and other administrative staff are not required to purchase a license, as long as there is one active provider license. Bridge reserves the right to assign a provider and/or patient count licensing scheme as Bridge sees fit for the particular client environment/implementation.

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How will I be charged?

Fees are charged on the first of the month for the upcoming month. If a patient or provider count is being used to calculate the monthly cost, this will be calculated based on the highest number of registered patients and/or providers in the previous month.

Learn how Bridge’s full patient engagement suite is priced here.


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Can I try the product before I buy it?

The best way to become familiar with Bridge and experience its benefits is through an interactive demonstration with a Bridge specialist. This demo is customized to the client’s needs and showcases the product’s robust features and capabilities.

In some cases, Bridge can provide a demo login to a test environment for a client to interact with the product further.

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How is pricing calculated?

Bridge is a patient portal supplier, and pricing is based on a combination of the number of providers and active patients to ensure that clients are not overbilled for under-utilized systems. 

Learn how Bridge’s full patient engagement suite is priced here

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What type of training is included?

Training hours are included in all purchases of Bridge solution. Bridge’s training sessions are typically carried out online via Zoom.

Many of Bridge’s clients opt for a “train the trainer” approach rather than having every member of their organization meet with a trainer from Bridge. Bridge will train an individual or a select group of people at the healthcare organization to use the portal. They can then, in turn, teach the rest of the healthcare staff.

In addition to online training, Bridge can provide clients with a product manual and how-to videos that explain some of the different functions and capabilities of the patient portal. Bridge will work with the healthcare organization to develop these training materials and an overall training plan.

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What type of support is included?

Bridge will provide ongoing support to all clients. Support includes telephone or email assistance in remedying situations and problems with the operation and performance of the patient portal software. This support is available during Bridge’s regular business hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.

Unless otherwise specified, Bridge will be responsible for providing Level 2 support only. Level 2 support is defined as support relating to the software or server, where advanced technical, development, and server administration knowledge is required. This includes, but is not limited to, troubleshooting software bugs, server administration, and database administration. Level 1 support, defined as the support provided directly to patients (i.e., login issues, missing information from a medical record, etc.), is generally the responsibility of the client. However, arrangements can be made in circumstances where the client requires Bridge to handle these support responsibilities.

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Does Bridge offer a white-label patient portal?

Yes. Bridge offers a white-labeled version of our patient portal for organizations looking to displace their native EHR patient portal. The ONC 2015 certified patient portal is built using Angular and is available as a web application and mobile app (iOS and Android).

For our EHR partner resellers, we offer competitive wholesale pricing, as well as access to our fully documented API. HL7 interfaces are also supported by Bridge.

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What’s Bridge’s cancellation policy?

Though this is contract-specific, Bridge typically requires a 12-month commitment. Implementations that do not require any significant level of integration customization may see different, often shorter, term lengths.


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