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Bridge over riverMany of the today’s leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) organizations, such as GE Centricity™, are challenged to provide a patient-centric, user friendly experience for their patient portal users. Often times the patient portal is an afterthought to the core product offered by EHR software companies and the portal is left without core functionality. Some of the biggest issues we have discovered in organizations using EHR-bundled patient portals include:

EHR-Bundled Patient PortalsBridge Patient Portal
Limited degree of functionality to specific client needs.Almost all aspects of Bridge are customizable and can be tailored to your unique workflow and preferences.
Inability to operate a single patient portal if multiple EHRs are in use.Bridge offers an EHR-Agnostic patient portal with the ability to serve data from multiple, disparate sources (including multiple EHR’s).
Patient registration is difficult and often times impossible without staff intervention.Bridge offers multiple, real-time registration options:
-Patient self registration
-Registration in the clinic
-Bulk registration using a CSV file or interface
Lack of certified 3rd party vendor alternative portal solutions.Bridge offers an alternative patient portal with a focus on GE Centricity™, NextGen®, Greenway Health™, Allscripts® and other industry leading EHR’s.
Not PCI compliant; Inability to accept PCI compliant online payments within the portal.Bridge offers a PCI compliant payment module built into the portal and works with payment gateways such as Trust and The patient portal also allows patients to see their balance and make payments.
Lack of control over the information sent to the portal, including sensitive lab results, incomplete progress notes or age-restricted information.Bridge’s robust API and proprietary CCDA parser allows providers to have complete control of the information that the patient sees in the portal.
Portal is only available in English.Bridge comes included with support for English and Spanish, with the ability to add additional languages.
No mobile app or app is branded to EHR company (ie. Epic MyChart® or FollowMyHealth®).Bridge has developed a unparalleled mobile app that is branded to the client and made available in the Apple iStore and Google Play Store under the client’s name and brand at Universe.

Interface Capabilities

In addition to providing a solution to the issues listed above, Bridge Patient Portal improves interoperability by enabling you to share data with disparate clinical and financial systems, providing interfaces when and where you need them. Below is a list of our capabilities with GE Centricity™ EMR, CPS and Centricity Business (CB):

  • Bi-directional demographics
  • Bi-directional messaging
  • Bi-directional appointments (direct scheduling)
  • Bi-directional bill pay
  • Uni-directional lab results
  • Uni-directional documents
  • Uni-directional CCDAs
  • Uni-directional eye prescriptions

Bridge is actively improving the interface it has with GE Centricity Business, Centricity EMR and CPS, and affiliated products such as QVERA and Trust Payment Gateway. Check with a Bridge representative for more information.

DISCLAIMER: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Bridge Patient Portal is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored in any way to the service providers mentioned in this article.

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