How Bridge Improves Patient Engagement for McKesson Users

Bridge over riverMany of the today’s leading health information technology organizations that offer a full suite of solutions, such as McKesson, are on a general trend of developing less and less software.  As these organizations dedicate fewer resources to maintaining their previous developed software it makes it hard to trust in these organizations as long term partners, especially as their cost-effective solutions continue to diminish in lieu of higher-priced offerings. When it comes to the EHR space, McKesson is unique, as unlike many EHR vendors that offer only a single product, McKesson offers multiple. These include McKesson Practice Plus, Paragon, and InteGreat EHR.

Advantages of Using Bridge Patient Portal

Bridge Patient Portal is an EHR agnostic patient portal that can pull patients’ data from disparate EHR sources, including McKesson’s EHR solutions. With Bridge Patient Portal you can offer your patients a full service portal that is backed by a dedicated staff of software developers that maintain and update the software as needed. Bridge also features a native healthcare mobile app solution which features all the core functionality of Bridge Patient Portal.

Interface Capabilities

Bridge Patient Portal improves interoperability by enabling you to share data with disparate clinical and financial systems, providing interfaces when and where you need them. This can include the following:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Bill pay
  • CCDAs
  • Intake forms
  • Messaging
  • Lab results
  • Rx refills

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