A Patient Engagement Platform That Grows with Your Clinic, Hospital, or IDN

When we think of a platform, we think of a foundation or something that one can build on. Bridge is exactly that, a patient engagement platform – a foundation from which you can engage your patients.

Providers of patient engagement in healthcare are rapidly accumulating multiple patient engagement solutions and have to piece them together. Examples of some of these systems include:

The problem is that these systems don’t talk to each other. What’s more, each system requires its own integration to source systems, such as Electronic Health Record (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Practice Management (PM) systems. Therefore, when it comes to something as important as respecting a patient’s communication preferences—such as receiving secure messaging via SMS versus emails—the provider has to be manually updating their preferences in the patient’s profile in each system. This is time-consuming and inefficient.

The Platform for Successful Patient Engagement

Bridge helps engage patients in real-time like no other software in the market for two simple reasons:

  1. Bridge offers a wealth of self-service tools to improve the patient experience and patient care. It is considered the most feature-rich patient engagement portal in the market
  2. Bridge offers all of this functionality in both a client-branded mobile app and a web application portal

Patient Engagement Platform

The “All-in-One” Patient Engagement Platform for Healthcare

Bridge is an all-in-one platform for patient engagement that works with any interfaceable EHR, RCM, PM, HIE, and RIS system. It is the only vendor-neutral software solution which is feature-rich enough to offer all of the common functionality needed in patient engagement for healthcare in a single platform. Bridge offers the following functionality:

Successfully Engage Your Patient Population with These Tips!

Successful patient engagement in healthcare doesn’t come easy. Follow Bridge’s 4 pillars to success and use leading-edge patient engagement software like Bridge Patient Portal to reach your patient engagement goals.

Patient engagement platform for health care systems


Mobile App for Branded Patient Engagement Healthcare

Best of all, Bridge’s patient engagement healthcare platform is available as a client-branded mobile app. With support for both iOS and Android, the app includes the majority of the functionality found in Bridge’s web version. This specialized platform for patient engagement enables patients to access all of the most common self-service features from a single branded app. Healthcare organizations can select from existing features—and develop new custom features—with the goal of having an app for patient engagement for the entire healthcare organization.


How can a patient portal help my organization/practice?

Bridge empowers patients with self-service tools to better manage their care, increasing patient engagement, and patient loyalty. The Bridge platform enables health organizations to replace their existing EHR portals or connect disparate EHR environments, reducing costs and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Bridge is a 2015 certified patient portal; therefore, healthcare organizations can use Bridge to attest to Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Programs (Meaningful Use). Bridge also aids healthcare organizations in providing patients electronic access to their health information which is a requirement for MACRA/MIPS. Bridge can also aid healthcare organizations in ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule compliance. In order to be compliant, organizations must provide patients secure access to their electronic medical record data through an app of their choice.

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Must healthcare organizations purchase the entire solution?

Bridge Essential includes the following modules:

Bridge also provides several optional modules, including:

Learn how Bridge’s full patient engagement suite is priced here.

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Does Bridge offer video e-consultations for telehealth as part of its patient portal solution?

Bridge offers a telehealth solution that leverages Zoom® for Healthcare. The virtual visits solution easily connects with healthcare organization’s existing digital tools and connects disparate touchpoints along the patient journey—providing patients with a seamless experience and improving patient satisfaction. 

How It Works:

  1. Patients can request a video e-consultation by selecting the provider, date, and type of appointment. 
  2. Zoom creates a unique video visit room code for that appointment.
  3. An email confirmation plus notification reminders are triggered at preset intervals before the appointment.
  4. The patient receives a secure notification with a link to the portal that allows them to securely join the Zoom meeting.
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Does Bridge offer medical web design services?

Yes. In partnership with Medical Web Experts (www.medicalwebexperts.com), Bridge offers a wide range of healthcare website design and healthcare marketing services, ensuring maximum engagement across the patient population. Their services are complementary to those offered by Bridge, helping Bridge customers build microservices-based on Bridge’s API technology.


Medical Web Experts have over fifteen years of experience in medical web design and app development for the healthcare industry, working with some of healthcare’s largest health systems.

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Can the patient portal application be customized?

Yes. Bridge is a fully customizable patient portal solution. If a customized feature is required, Bridge assesses whether it is feasible and if there is an associated cost. In some cases, Bridge will not charge for customizations if Bridge feels that it would be beneficial for all Bridge users.

Custom patient portal features:

  • Changes to intake form templates
  • EHR/PM software interfaces
  • Custom Patient Appointment Self Scheduling Workflows
  • Filtering/hiding sensitive health summary and lab data
  • Payment Gateway Integrations for Patient Bill Pay
  • Custom homepage widgets
  • API-driven microservices for client websites
  • In-portal advertising
  • Custom one-stop new patient registration and appointment scheduling forms

All of Bridge’s installations are designed to conform to the healthcare organization’s brand identity. Healthcare organizations can also choose to reserve requested portal customization for the organization’s use only. This is a common request in cases where the customization is part of a client’s “secret sauce.”

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How is pricing calculated?

Bridge is a patient portal supplier, and pricing is based on a combination of the number of providers and active patients to ensure that clients are not overbilled for under-utilized systems. 

Learn how Bridge’s full patient engagement suite is priced here

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How is Bridge different from other patient engagement solution vendors?

Bridge is uniquely positioned to deliver to healthcare organizations an exceptional patient engagement platform thanks to its complete rewrite of the software between versions 2 and 3.

What sets Bridge apart from other competitors:

  • Utilization of the latest technologies, such as Angular and Node.js, which allows for a single codebase for web and mobile, and the publishing of iOS and Android apps.
  • Ability to navigate interface challenges with EHR/RCM vendors, having successfully interfaced with 15+ EHR/RCM solutions.
  • Experience completing many complex projects. Bridge enters a project with confidence and is comfortable setting budget limits, preventing budget overrun.
  • Focus on the ever-growing needs of medium-to-large-sized healthcare businesses.
  • Advanced expertise in the healthcare regulatory landscape (i.e., HIPAA, ADA, CCPA). For example, Bridge has undergone a United Healthcare new vendor audit.
  • Expertise in healthcare interface technology (i.e., HL7, FHIR, CCD, direct database).
  • Extensive experience in providing patient portals and apps, with in-depth knowledge of the age of majority law, acceptable management of proxy accounts, conditional presentation of sensitive information, and the complexities associated with parent/guardian/caregiver access.

As the healthcare industry grows in complexity, it’s crucial to have a partner to optimize communication and interoperability between systems. Through high R&D spending (50% of expenses), Bridge has been able to thrive in the ever-changing, disorganized healthcare market. Meanwhile, vendors are struggling to keep up with customer needs and have significantly higher operating costs, high customer acquisition costs, and obsolete software platforms.

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What’s Bridge’s cancellation policy?

Though this is contract-specific, Bridge typically requires a 12-month commitment. Implementations that do not require any significant level of integration customization may see different, often shorter, term lengths.


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